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project terminal 3D concept

Our growth to date has been rapid and at the beginning of 2022 it brought us to our new location in the heart of Austrian logistics, the Wels Terminal. This is where we build our insect farming projects on more than 14,000m², which is not only one of the biggest in Europe, but one that is truly unique. As a genuine circular economy hub, organic residues in the triple-digit ton range are processed and upgraded here every day.

BSF facility schematics (simplified)


Although the company itself was founded in 2020, our key positions as well as our broad network of experts, have decades of experience in BSF farming, corporate governance, waste management and engineering.

Together with our partners at Christof Global Impact, who have been proofing their skills in insect-farming plant construction for more than 10 years, we are equipped with the know-how for long-term expansion and further development of innovative technologies and IP.

Dipl.BW Philip Pauer MBA

Founder & CEO

Philip Thaler BA

Co-Founder & CIO

Moritz Wiesner BSc

Co-Founder & COO

Sigrid Ihninger BSc

Analytics & QM

Dr. Alfred Friedacher


DI Christof Ertl

Head of Engineering

Gerald Fehringer

Input Sourcing

DI Dr. Otmar Höglinger

External Advisory