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What is “waste” for some is a treasure for others.

Virtually every manufacturing company produces not only goods but also operational waste. While the actual products are rightly at the center of entrepreneurial activity, operational residual materials management usually only plays a subordinate role. For the most part, this leads to residual materials being disposed of as simply as possible – true to the motto “out of sight out of mind”.

The negative consequences for the climate and the environment are often ignored and the associated costs are accepted. REPLOID offers individual solutions for your operational resource management that are sustainable and enable cost savings.


Win-win situation: for everyone involved AND the environment.

1) Reduced ecological footprint

“Residual material” is one of the main factors in the sustainability balance of companies. Innovative technologies for converting residual materials into high-quality secondary raw materials therefore reduce the CO2 footprint of manufacturing companies. This makes it possible to close cycles and companies benefit from their own residual materials.

2) Lower costs for the waste management industry

Conventional forms of residual waste disposal are not only associated with negative consequences for the climate and the environment, but in many cases also with high costs. It is important to remember that there is still huge potential in “residual material”! By upgrading raw materials, new value can be created and disposal costs reduced.

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Actively shaping the future

This revolutionized way of recycling residues not only creates new products – by replacing conventional raw materials such as fishmeal, palm kernel oil or conventional fertilizers, we make a significant contribution to the conservation of natural resources. Our sustainable alternatives thus reduce the CO2 footprint of the entire supply chain!

Our raw materials are not only good for our planet but are also highly sought after by a wide range of industries. The protein and fat produced from our black soldier flies is a highly nutritious and sustainable alternative to ordinary products, making it a valuable addition to various animal feeds. Our fertilizer is rich in nutrients, making it an excellent choice for farmers who want to improve soil health and plant vitality.

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