Insect technology

Small insect – big effect!

Insect bioconversion is extremely efficient in the recycling of organic material, both as an independent process and in addition to composting or biogas production. It plays a central role in the overall system of waste recycling.

REPLOID uses insect larvae to convert food waste into high-quality protein and fat. Only 3% of the larval mass is retained for the survival of the fly colony. In this way, an endless biological cycle is achieved.


The special feature of BSF breeding is the dual value creation. On the one hand, the ecological footprint and disposal costs for the suppliers of organic residues materials are greatly reduced. On the other hand, high-quality raw materials are produced for the manufacture of hypoallergenic animal feed and other industrial applications.

Efficient use of resources

Insect farming requires less water, land and feed compared to traditional livestock.

Lower greenhouse gas emissions

Insects produce less greenhouse gases (such as methane) compared to cattle or pigs.

Rapid growth

Insects have short development times, which enables fast and efficient production.

High nutrient density

Insects are rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals, making them a nutrient-rich food source.

Versatile feeding

Insects can be fed with organic waste, which reduces the total amount of waste.

Space-saving breeding

Insects can be reared in vertical farms or small rooms, which saves space and resources.


Insect farming can help reduce overfishing of marine life and preserve biodiversity.

No need for antibiotics

Compared to factory farming, it should be emphasized that insects do not require antibiotics if they are farmed correctly.

Less water required

Insects require less water than conventional livestock.

Utilization of residues

Insects can convert organic waste into valuable proteins and fats, which contributes to an efficient recycling economy.


We understand both, and so we bring the solution(s) to the problem. With our patented decentralized and modular system technology concepts, we are in high demand from companies, farmers and start-ups worldwide.

We take everyone from minute 1 of a partnership by the hand, because we do not believe that the key technology “INSECTS” can be managed economically from a centralised location –  they key insect technology. Nor do we believe that large-scale plants are the solution; rather, we believe that KNOWLEDGE, ORGANIZATION and ADMINISTRATION can be managed centrally and quickly scaled sustainably and economically via so-called FARM UNITS.

We won’t leave you out in the rain! We offer our customers and partners cooperation on an equal footing – find out more in an individual discussion.

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