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Be reploid  is a commitment to sustainability that goes beyond business – it’s a way of life. At the heart of our philosophy is responsibility, ensuring a conscious effort to protect life on earth. We believe in a circular approach where organic residue materials become a valuable resource through insect farming, creating a harmonious cycle that nurtures our planet. Responsibility guides us to ensure that every action has a positive impact and contributes to the protection of ecosystems and biodiversity. Life on earth is a delicate balance, and as REPLOIDs we take responsibility to be guardians of this balance. Through innovative solutions such as insect bioconversion, we not only manage organic waste efficiently, but also contribute to the creation of sustainable alternatives. Our commitment extends to the use of degradable materials to ensure that our footprint on the earth is minimal. Being reploid is not just a concept; it is a movement towards a sustainable future where every action is a step towards responsible living. Join us on this journey where responsibility, conservation and life on earth thrive through sustainable practices.

Be reploid means embodying a culture that is resource-conserving, efficient and highly productive. Our approach is lifecycle-oriented and strives for optimal and innovative solutions that redefine industry standards. At the heart of our philosophy is circular design, creating products and systems that not only meet expectations, but exceed them. Being resource efficient is not just a trait; it is our way of overcoming challenges and finding sustainable solutions. Efficiency is our guiding principle to ensure that every process contributes to a productive and sustainable outcome. Our lifecycle approach means that we consider the entire journey of our products, from creation to disposal, to make informed and responsible decisions. Optimal performance is the result of our commitment to innovation. We strive to push boundaries and deliver products that are not only efficient but also set new standards in terms of sustainability. Our philosophy of circular design is rooted in everything we do, promoting a regenerative approach that minimizes waste and maximizes positive impact. Join us and live the REPLOID spirit – where resource conservation, efficiency, productivity, life cycle thinking, optimality, innovation and a commitment to circular design are not just a choice, but a way of creating a sustainable future.

Being reploid means upholding a set of core values that define our identity and drive our success. Respect forms the foundation of our interactions and fosters a collaborative environment where every voice is heard and valued. In our pursuit of excellence, we strive to exceed expectations and deliver outstanding results that reflect our commitment to quality. Professionalism is ingrained in our culture and ensures that every interaction, from internal collaboration to client relationships, is conducted with integrity and accountability. As leaders in our field, we take responsibility to lead and inspire others to set the standard for excellence and innovation. Openness is our bridge to progress and fosters a culture of transparency and inclusion. We believe that true innovation comes from diverse perspectives and we foster an environment that encourages creativity and forward-thinking solutions. Dedication drives our journey and empowers us to rise above and turn challenges into opportunities for growth. In the world of REPLOID, these values are not just principles; they are the pillars that support our collective success. Enter a culture of respect, excellence, professionalism, leadership, openness, innovation and dedication, where each individual contributes to a thriving and forward-thinking community.”

Being reploid means actively engaging in a transformative journey towards sustainability, driven by a commitment to reduce waste and promote a recycling economy. We emphasize energy efficiency and relentlessly pursue carbon footprint reduction by aligning our actions with the principles of the Green Deal. Our dedication extends to promoting sustainable practices throughout the supply chain and ensuring that every step contributes to a greener future. By promoting long-term sustainability planning, we go beyond short-term gains and focus on strategies that last. Our approach includes optimizing resource management to ensure that every input is used effectively, residual materials are minimized and value is maximized. Innovation for sustainability is at the heart of our efforts to discover environmentally friendly solutions. As REPLOID, we actively drive the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals by integrating them into our core values and practices. Our commitment to sustainability harmonizes seamlessly with the Green Deal and reflects our dedication to shaping a future where every action contributes to a healthier and greener planet. Join us on the journey towards a sustainable world where reducing waste, adopting recycling economy principles and driving innovation for sustainability define our path.”


In our daily work, we are guided by the sustainability goals and transformation drivers of the United Nations.

Our main objectives:
Our secondary goals:
Our transformation drivers:

Recycling economy

Increase in recycling targets

Avoiding waste

Transportation routes

AWG amendment 2023

European “Green Deal”


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